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Farkle Explosion for Android

This prototype is not available in the Google Play store, yet, so your phone will warn you about installing an app from an untrusted source. Once downloaded, find the file in your Downloads folder, then click on it. Android will step you through changing your settings to allow the installation. The app doesn't require any special privileges and makes no outgoing Internet connections.

March 23, 2019 [Farkle-Explosion!-v0.3.apk]
  • High scores table added.
March 21, 2019 [Farkle-Explosion!-v0.2.apk]
  • Rearranged the screen a bit to make room for awesomeness.
  • Much simpler internal guts.
August 28, 2018 [farklex-demo-180828.apk]
  • Increased awesomeness by 4.
  • Sound effects now obey Sound Effects volume control.
  • Disabled unselection of scored dice when Free Roll earned.
  • Cosmetic improvements to menus.
  • Audio menu Back button returns directly to game in progress.
August 20, 2018 [farklex-demo-180820.apk]
  • Fledgling awesomeness.

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Thank you!

Updated March 21, 2019